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29.06.2005 22:04


Ended up messing around with my Eggdrop bot tonight. Wanted to have it joining a different IRC server and do all that it does on its current server/channel. Well I quickly found out it needs a new instance to join a different server even though the layout of the config makes you think otherwise. That wasnt too hard. I think I was in the top 200 bots for uptime and so didn't want to stop it to change some settings. Finally found the command I used before. DCC chat with the bot and issue .rehash. Unfortunately I had one slight mistake in the config and thus killed the bot. In this process I found that there is a botchk script in the eggdrop dir. Its used in conjunciton with cron to check if the bots running an start it if it isn't. So spent some time on this getting it right. I tested it and found it couldn't launch the bot. So checked it out, google turned up this site that explained you had to replace the 3 $botnick instances with ./eggdrop $botnick. This doesnt surprise me, as I have to launch it with a: cd ~/eggdrop; ./eggdrop botnick.conf So made those changes and set it to check every 10 mins through cron using the 10,20,30,50 * * * * line. -----

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29.06.2005 17:11


A link for the cx88XX module. Has the options for a PixelView but I am not sure which card. Anwyay, I'll look into that later. Hope it helps give me an idea for my PixelView PlayTV HD (CX23881 based) card. Link

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29.06.2005 13:57

First post

Well here we are, my first post. Firstly, the aim of this blog. You know how something challenges you and you google away, find a fix with some trial and error and then in the future someone asks about how you did it, or you need to alter/re-do it but you have forgotten what little trick you did to accomplish it ?? Well my aim is to keep a track of what I am working on and methods I have used here. So now I can access it easily, it can be google indexed for others and I will have a URL to send others for problems I cant recall off hand how I fixed them. Well here we go. -----

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