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30.07.2005 17:35

NTP on Gentoo

Well I came home from overseas to see my PC's time in KDE way out of whack. In fact the date was wrong. Thought it might be there whole UTC versus local time for the hardware clock (i triple boot with Mandrake and XP) and may well could of been. In trying to fix it I soon found (and reminded myself) that setting to auto set the time/date based on my location (NTP) in KDE wasn't working. I set the time and then ticked for the system to keep it and it would go out by 2 hours even though the hazed out time ws right. This baffled me. Threw further investigation I found 2 things. 1) my hardware clock was out by 2 hours (duh!) and 2) the symlink Gentoo uses [/etc/localtime] had been destroyed and replaced with a type of binary. So I re-created the symlink and fixed the hardware clock. Then I ticked the box to auto set the time based on location. again the localtime symlink became a binary file of some sort and I believe the hardware clock went out (trying to recall, I did this a week ago, (oops, slow in blogging)). So I did it all again, but didnt check the box. Good, all ok now. But I am going to lose time now without it being updated over the net. So I made a shell script:
ntpdate oceania.pool.ntp.org
I put this in cron.hourly. For some reason cron isn't working on my Gentoo install; never has. I have tried several different types of cron's but all thesame result. So I need to remember to run that script even so often. Running it every few days shows me the clock gets out my about 10 seconds. -----

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21.07.2005 17:08

Return from World Games

Back from Germany and the World Games. I have photo's of the trip up Here. It was an awesome experience. I was pleased in my performance, proving to myself that I can compete at that level. Many of our opponenets are current NFLE starters and some with NFL experience. I made correct reads of their multiple coverages on ~ 80-90% of the plays. Another great bunch of players to travel away with that made it that much more enjoyable. Germany itself was an interesting country; a place I would like to visit again as a holiday.

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11.07.2005 13:01

The "I am overseas" update...

Hey all. Overseas with the Aussie team. In Dubai airport right now so time is short. I want to have 2 categories here, one for IT and one for personal things such as this. Hopefully i will get time to update this blog when i get to Germany to relfect that. Well as said in Dubai Airport for out 3 hour stop over. Just paid 20 in the local curreny for 40 mins on here, but a mate wants to share that with me. Ok maybe not, he just said he will get his own time. Well the week in Narabean went well. No problems with the offense installation as all players were committed and picked it up well. We beat NZ 47-2 the day before we left; the best ever victory we have had over our cross Tasmen rivals. Our next game, V Germany in the World Games , will be a much greater challenge. (http://www.worldgames2005.de/en/) Here's hoping to update this better soon. -----

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