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17-04-2006 09:25

Easter 2006 Moss Vale trip

Here is the link to the gallery of photo's from the trip. Gallery

It was an great weekend away. Good to get out into the country away from the city and spend some time with loved ones. The way life has been lately for me, its what I needed. My girlfriend and I went down on Thursday night. Friday my sister and her son came down. We went for lunch in Bowral and then came back to the house and got the fire place cleaned so as to play around with that. My sisters son was very amazed by the fire place. We then went into Moss Vale to a Chinese resturant and had dinner there. Got the fire started when we arrived back at the house and chatter til bed time.

Saturday morning my girlfriend and I slept in til 10. We all piled into my sisters car to go to the Birrawang Easter Markets. That was an interesting time looking at stalls selling typical country made items. I had one of the best ice creams one could imagine. Ice cream mixed on the spot with fresh strawberries to give it the stawberry flavour and taste. Awesome! My sister had to return to Sydney to go to work that afternoon. We stayed on and went into Bowral again to have dinner at a pleasant hamburger shop and then went onto the movies to see 'V for Vendetta', which is one of the best movies I have seen. The weekend wrapped up with us returning home around 1 pm Sunday.

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