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02-06-2006 14:41

Breezy 5.10 => Dapper 6.06

I have been counting down the days until I cold upgrade my system to the new and improved Dapper Drake 6.06 and finally the day arrived. Needless to say, being in Australia, it wasn't until 7pm on the 1st of June that it was released even though I was refreshing the ubuntu.com web page several times an hour throughout the day.

I decided to start before I got the official word as many people on #kubuntu said only 1-2 packages may change between now and when it was official released, if any at all. I think starting early helped me avoid the bandwidth traffic others may of experienced as my downloads were quite fast. Next the installing started and here is my story.

After having problems during the dist-upgrade process (having to remove some non-essential packages to get it going again, they were gnucash releasted and ofx releated, non-essential to me, although I don't know what ofx is :) ) and then rebooting I had the old problem of the NVIDIA™ module not loading into the new kernel (2.6.15). I should of remembered this was going to happen, but had forgotten.

I compiled a new NVIDIA™ module and d trouble getting it to work. It modprobed fine, but the Xorg.log said the "nividia" module counldn't be found. A little searching found my solution here: Link to thread on this issue. I finally got my desktop up and running, so I thought.

Nexted ....

It seems during the process HAL and dbus were removed :-?

Is this default with Dapper ? I have yet to find out, but this meant that my removable media wasn't auto mounting and throwing up the popup to let you do something with the device. Very annouying.

So an install of HAL and dbus (which removed a few packages, libhal variants and a gnome-burn thingy :-? ) and a reboot (and a re-install of my main k7 kernel as it kernel paniced during boot stating "..invalid compression format" :-? ) I was up and running with automounting working.

One issue that hasn't fixed itself since breaking in the upgrade in my NFS mounts aren't auto mounting either now :-?

I get a few errors on desktop start up as I have a few programs depending on files over NFS shares. Next to hit the Ubuntu Forums to find an answer ....

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