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25-04-2008 14:41

Konqueror Dolphin

I really can't see the point of Dolphin. So to change back to Konqueror:

"To replace Dolphin with Konqueror as a default file manager go to kcontrol Then Click on KDE Components -> File Associations and expand the inode section. Highlight directory and move up Konqueror above Dolphin, next highlight system_directory and move up Konqueror above Dolphin."

Retrieved from http://www.linuxjournal.com/
On November 30th, 2007 RobertM

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24-04-2008 11:43

Compuer Forensics


Needed this a year ago when I had a suspected security breach on my server. I haven't read it yet, but looks like what I needed.

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24-04-2008 11:38


encfs is a fuse based encryption method. It allows you to have a folder thats encrypted and can be mounted with a password. libpam-encfs allows this mounting process to happen as you login. So a good use for this is to encrypt your entire home folder, so no one can gain access to the data in there without your login password. Particularly important for laptops or devices that can be lost or stolen easily. This is where I use it, on my laptop.

I set this up when I first got my laptop. Not my entire home, just a folder it in that I would store anything remotely sensitive. My main hesitation in doing my entire home folder is the loss in performance due to every file action requiring an (d)encryption.

I can't find the tutorial I used last time. It was quite good. But this one is a nice simple one that worked first go.


Notes: For me, on Kubuntu Hardy 8.04 (my laptop) there 2 things that were different to the tutorial, but relatively simple to work through.

  1. Where it says open up /etc/pam.d/common-auth, mine was a little different. I had in mine the word "requisite" where the tutorial said "required" should be, Maybe a change in Hardy, not sure, but I assume it was the same and continued on, adding use_first_pass at the end of that line.
  2. Twice it refers to pam_encfs.conf. Both times different names. For me, this file was:

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07-04-2008 14:47

YouTube Video quality


Makes sense and I hope it works, but don't know as I have yet to try these idea's out.

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02-04-2008 14:50

A nice post about "Linux not being ready"

I read this comment on a blog posting titled "So why don't I run Linux?"

I have to agree, its a very good point. Sure the world use's Windows, but the term "Linux is not ready." is very misleading and shall I say, an out right lie!

I would like to know what others thinks of this, if there's is anyone apart from myself ready this blog :)

"I've read a lot of people's opinions on why Linux "isn't ready" over the years, and this one isn't much different. I understand Leo's concerns about interoperability, and I can certainly understand why that would make it hard to switch. But there's a subtle double-standard when you say Linux "isn't ready" because it doesn't interoperate with Windows seamlessly. Is Windows "not ready" because it doesn't interop with Linux? I can think of several of my favorite Linux apps that don't run on Windows. Is Windows "not ready?" OpenOffice doesn't flawlessly render .doc files -- how does MS office do on ODF files? Oh, doesn't even open them... hmmmm. Office must not be ready...

"The truth is, it takes two to tango. If you're waiting for Linux to interop with Windows flawlessly before you give it a shot, keep waiting. Microsoft, despite their recent attempt to be seen as "open-source friendly", will never let that happen. But if you're in a position to cut loose of Microsoft and try something different, Linux will make you happy I'm sure. If you're not ready to write a "Dear Bill" letter, then probably you can't switch. Sorry. But please don't perpetuate the myth that Linux "isn't ready" because Microsoft doesn't want to dance."

Posted by: Alan at April 1, 2008 02:53 PM
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