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18-06-2008 10:59

encfs and pam and idle timeout

I setup encfs to mount when I login via libpam-encfs and pam on my laptop. Figured it was a good idea in case my laptop was stolen. Worked well. Did a complete reinstall of the OS after several dist-upgrades rendered the system with a few little bugs. Had to re-do this encfs and pam setup. Not hard, took about 15mins following a tut and worked first go, like last time.

I have been noticing though, that the fs will be unmounted after using the system for a bit. So I would do a su david to login at a term that would auto mount it again. So it did work. Then I checked the logs and found:

Jun 18 10:09:00 david-laptop encfs: Unmounting filesystem /home/david/encfs due to inactivity

So went digging. That string didn't return much, but a bit more searching and I found its a simple case of editing:


And commenting out the:

encfs_default --idle=1

Simple as that. WE'll see how we go with this, so far so good though!

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11-06-2008 10:19

Get dictionaries working in Evolution

I found this link. http://www.go-evolution.org/FAQ#Why_does_Spellchecking_not_work.3F which bacially says, "Make sure you have gnome-spell >= 1.0.5, aspell and aspell-XX (where XX is your locale, for example aspell-en for US English or aspell-en-uk for British English) installed". Evolution does not use myspell, ispell nor openoffice dictionaries.

Restart Evolution and they should all be there. I found I didn't have gnome-spell, probably because I am using KDE.

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