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11-01-2009 04:52

copy files in Alphanumeric order

Odd title for a post you say. Well to explain it better. My car Stereo and now my girlfriends new MP3 player play back files, [mp3's] in a folder, in the order in which they were copied, timestamp. So both Windows and Linux [tried both cp and konqueror] copy files in "any old order" it seems and not Alphanumeric order, thus preserving the name order of tracks for an album. I have been copying each file, one at a time to get around this, but have finally written a script that uses kdialog and a servicemenu for Konqueror so one can easily right click a folder to then copy to their mp3 player by picking the destination folder in the ensuing dialog box.

You can find it in my software section software. Its called kopy-0.1.tbz2. Please report any suggestions or major bugs. It was whipped up quickly tonight.

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