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19-03-2009 07:22

"Firefox: "There was a problem printing because the paper size you specified is not supported by your printer."

Ever had this error when trying to print from Firefox? It's annoying as it pops this message up before even a printer selection or any printer dialog boxes appear, so you can't do much trouble shooting. The solution is below, taken from:


Next in the filter bar type

This filters out all but the entries that start with this string.

Find the following the following entrie
double click it and change the value to 279.40

Next find
And change this entry to Letter

Finally find
and change it to read 215.90

Close FireFox and re-open, you should now be able to print. 

I didn't need to close Firefox, worked straight away. I found the letter size was "na_letter" for me, so that's the one that did it for me, oh also margins were all 25 apart from bottom margin which was 56, so I made it 25 as well. One of those fixed it for me.

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