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14-05-2009 14:03

rpmbuild, linking libraries and md5sum

I was trying to build a simply rpm from a binary only tarball. I had a few issues. One was the fact that when building it raised issues about prelinking. But not fatal. The next was, when it was installed, it would fail due to an md5sum. I knew this was false, as I unpacked the rpm and compared the md5sums with the source library file and the one it complained about in the rpm and they were identical. Finally some seearching found this

So what I did was went in an ran the prelink -u on all libraries causing trouble in the building and then the library causing troubles on the install. Probably solved [not sure if solved the best way, but solved none-the-less]

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14-05-2009 09:19

build-essential for Red Hat based

Want to get the same as apt-get install build-essential on a Red Hat based system? Here it is: yum install gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel

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