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22-11-2009 19:41

Recover the SheevaPlug

So you have a nice new shiny Marvell Sheeva Plug computer and you do something [no I wouldn't do experiemental things with mine] that breaks it enough you can no longer gain access over the network. So remedy this, run this command

modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x9e88 product=0x9e8f
and plug in the Plug to you computer viz the supplied USB cable. That will create /dev/ttyUSB0 by default. No use a serial terminal smulator to gain access. Minicom is what Marvell suggests in the manual, but gtkterm seems to be better. The best though, I find is good old scree. Yep screen. Just run:
screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200
and you're in! You may find your device is on /dev/ttyUSB1 or up, just trial and error to get that sorted.

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