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22-10-2010 13:16

VirtualHosts Apache IPs 443 SSL

Well I found out the hard way why apache was failing to start, silently. It turns out I had a VHost listening on "NameVirtualHost" but it did not have "SSLEngine On" in its directives. This breaks apache without it understanding enough to tell you. A handy tip for all you system admins out there.

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22-10-2010 12:40

Multi-line grepping

So you want to search for a pattern and then print that pattern and everything after it up until another pattern. Say for example a bash function, search for the name of the function and then print until the function is closed with }. Well this can be done with sed. The script here: multiline-grep can do this. Just run it without an argument for the small help message. Enjoy!

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