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27-11-2015 19:35

Upgrade a Debian 7 VPS to Debian 8

Some VPS providers don't have a Debian 8 template to build your VPS from. Just Debian 7. So you need to do the upgrade yourself. Not a big task, but there is the change to systemd to consider. So here are the commands that you need for this. After changing all references to wheezy in your /etc/apt/sources.list file to jessie:

# update with the new sources.list
apt-get update
# Make aure you have all the keys you need
apt-get install --reinstall debian-archive-keyring
# In case you're coming from a minimal Debian 7 template
apt-get -y install dialog
# In case your locale is not setup, again, coming from a minial template
dpkg-reconfigure locales
# The upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade
# Check the version upgrade has taken place
lsb_release -a
# or
cat /etc/debian_version
# Swap out upstart with systemd
apt-get -y install systemd systemd-sysv
# Need to force a reboot I found as init is not working due to the above
reboot -f
# Check systemd and not upstart is running
ps aux|grep '(systemd|upstart)'
# Remove upstart and its files
apt-get -y purge upstart
rm -fr /var/log/upstart
# Done
If you have a messy of a source.list(.d) then you can build a clean one here Ref: http://justinfranks.com/linux-administration/upgrade-openvz-vps-from-debian-7-wheezy-64-bit-to-debian-8-jessie-64-bit

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