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29-11-2017 12:23

FreeIPA adventures

I have long wanted to try FreeIPA but haven't had the need. Now I do. I just wanted to record the issues I have had.

I am installing on RHEL 7.2 in AWS using the AWS AMI.

  • So apparently the entry in your local hosts file for your FQDN and your IP address (not address) is needed even if DNS (both A and PTR reverse records) is working on your network.
  • Being a Red Hat developed product, I would have thought it would have worked with SELinux, but no. I had repeated failed installatioins setting up the dirsrv until I disabled SELinux and then installation finished first go. Go figure.

So far that's it. Looking at using FreeIPA's builtin DNS instead of my Bind9 setup DNS servers. There's no zone file as I am used to as FreeIPA is using bind-dyndb-ldap so records are kept in LDAP. But the commands to manage them seem very thorough. I am just worried if DNS breaks down, I won't have the knowledge to fix it like I could with my own managed bind setup.

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