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31.08.2005 02:26

Java on Mandriva 10.2 KDE 3.4

Well I found out the hard way tonight the short falls of java on Mandriva 2005 KDE 3.4 version. I had it installed but it wasn't the VM wasn't working in my browsers 9Konqueror, Firefox and Opera). I created the symlink Firefox needs, still no go. I found java needs to in your path for the VM to work so I got the working by adding to my ~/.bashrc script the java bin folder to my PATH with:
I then found this didnt solve the problem. Why you ask ?? Well I was very much wondering the same thing. I decided to run java_vm from console and got the error message that JAVA_HOME and PLUGIN_HOME were not set. Never knowing I had to set them I googled to find most were setting them to the dir above the java bin, like so:
	export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jre1.5/
	export PLUGIN_HOME=/usr/java/jre1.5/
This finally got it working. Strange for a newly installed Distro to not have have Java working -----

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