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22-10-2006 23:48

Webcalendar on Debian stable

I tried in frsutration many times to get this working using the latest stable and CVS package off the Webcalendar website. But found their being an error in the HTML web frontend installer; it would not let me set the DB type. So I tried to do it the manual way only to have a similiar error "DB type variable not set".

So realising Debian has a huge repo, I apt-get installed webcalender and then did a dpkg -L on the package to find it was installed to /usr/share/webcalendar/ and the config in /etc/webcalendar. So I symlinked to /usr/share/webcalendar/ from a folder on my webserver and off we went, no problems.

Seems so simply now.

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20-10-2006 22:47

Tor and Privoxy

I have heard of Tor being a way to keep your privacy while being online. It disguises any REAL details about yourself [eg IP address] by bouncing the requests around many Tor servers in a way that blocks tracing by anyone. I am not sure of the difference in using Tor compared to a public Proxy though.

To use Tor with your browser of choice you also need your own Proxy to route requests through Tor. I found this site to be of great benefit in setting up Tor to work with Privoxy


Not sure how much this will slow down browsing. I am about to find out though .......

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13-10-2006 20:41

SMTP auth - TLS - Dovecot - etc..

A lazy post to just get this URL in. Looks like a good read. Haven't read it through thoroughly yet. http://adminspotting.net/articles/messaging/Building-a-Messaging-Server---Part-Four.html

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06-10-2006 10:37

What is Spamassasin and how does it work ? [brief]

Spamassassin doesn't do anything besides check mail for spam content and give it a score accordingly. What you can then set it to do is write its results [and score] in the header so the user can't see it but the email client and something like Procmail can see. You can set a score that email has to attain to be considered spam and get a "X-Spam-Flag: YES" to be added into the header. This score can be low or high, depending on how confident you are in it and how points are awarded can be altered, so email that is heavy HTML might score more points then other criteria does; it's all up to you or you can just leave the defaults as is.

What many do is then set rules in Procmail to do certain things with email marked "X-Spam-Flag: YES", but Spamassassin itself doesn't deal with this end of it.

I think this concept wasn't explained in a few tutorials I read to set it up and I assumed [wrongfully?] that Spamassassin actualy did a whole lot more. Once I had the concept right, then dealing with Spamassassin was much much easier.

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05-10-2006 18:56

LDAP explained

Follows is a link to a great little article on how to setup LDAP and what the small abreviated terms mean. Great for an LDAP newbie such as myself. http://applications.linux.com/article.pl?sid=05/05/18/1248224&tid=37 I have only started reading it, but will be applying it to my Debian server. We'll see how I go.

edit: Here's another great link http://www.sudleyplace.com/LDAP/index.en.html

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02-10-2006 18:23

Nvidia install on Kubuntu

I found that the Nvidia .run file from www.nvidia.com would not install, complaining it couldn't find certain modules and xorg modules then use this bash script to execute the .run file:


sudo sh "${1}" --x-prefix=/usr/lib/xorg --x-module-path=/usr/lib/xorg/modules

There is also information found at this link


I have not tried this method and it differes from my above suggestion [that works for me].

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