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27-12-2006 22:30

Restoring missing menu's in Kubuntu

Kubuntu tries to make Konqueror easier and less confusion with too many options for new users but culling back on some of the menu's etc. Well I, like many other KDE users, like all the options Konqueror has to offer. So off to restore the default profiles in Konqueror on Kubuntu.....

You could basicl copy and paste this into a terminal, but to make sure your system matches (Edgy system this was done one) you might do it line by line.

cd /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/apps/
mv konqueror/ konqueror-kubuntu
cd /usr/share/apps/konqueror/
mv konqueror.rc  konqueror-kubuntu2.rc
ln -s /usr/share/apps/konqueror/konqueror-orig.rc  /usr/share/apps/konqueror/konqueror.rc

This is the URL of the tutorial I followed.

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26-12-2006 21:11

Very slow file transfer between host -> guest in VMware Player

I have VMware that has a Windows guest OS I use with it. I found pulling files from the host (my base Kubuntu OS installed onto the "bare metal" of the computer) to the guest OS (Windows) using networking was extremely slow; a transfer rate of about 3KB/sec (slower then dial-up).

I found the answer in this thread.

What this is saying you need to turn off TCP Segment Offloading or TSO. I am unsure if you need to turn if off for both guest and host, but I did.

To turn it off on the host (Kubuntu) I simply apt-get install ethtool and then ran:

sudo ethtool -K eth0 tso off

And then in Windows I went to the device manager and found the VMware NIC, openned it up. Went to Advanced and turned off TsoEnable by giving it a value of 0

All done. Thanks "cripy" from WMTN!

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14-12-2006 15:31

clearing out the mail queue

I woke up this morning and found that I had run out of space on / on my server. OH!! Cleared some up and went off to work. Then I find I am out of space again. So digging around with du --max-depth=1 I found that /var/mail/www-data was the biggest inbox, bigger then mine which has alot in it! I checked inside it to find notifications from the server of a disconnection to or and that it will retry later. All looked like spoofing atempts from spamming servers. So what to do!

I ran mailq but that was a non-stop list of messages. So I googled around and found a way to clear the mailq.

[root@debian postfix]#  postsuper -d ALL
postsuper: Deleted: 43417 messages

Told you there was alot!!

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