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27-12-2006 22:30

Restoring missing menu's in Kubuntu

Kubuntu tries to make Konqueror easier and less confusion with too many options for new users but culling back on some of the menu's etc. Well I, like many other KDE users, like all the options Konqueror has to offer. So off to restore the default profiles in Konqueror on Kubuntu.....

You could basicl copy and paste this into a terminal, but to make sure your system matches (Edgy system this was done one) you might do it line by line.

cd /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/apps/
mv konqueror/ konqueror-kubuntu
cd /usr/share/apps/konqueror/
mv konqueror.rc  konqueror-kubuntu2.rc
ln -s /usr/share/apps/konqueror/konqueror-orig.rc  /usr/share/apps/konqueror/konqueror.rc

This is the URL of the tutorial I followed.

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