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Wed Feb 15 10:38:13 EST 2012

wget, PCLinuxOS and ssl certs

I found that wget has been having issues with SSL certs on PCLinuxOS since about November 2011. It was producing an error like this:

ERROR: Cannot open directory /etc/openssl/certs.

A little google found this blog entry on the matter: http://andrzejl.no-ip.org:10101/wordpress/2011/11/11/solved-wget-https-error-cannot-open-directory-etcopensslcerts/
I didn't even have the folder /etc/openssl. So in stead I just did this:

cat ~/.wgetrc

Creating that wget rc file and putting in that variable solved it for my local user. Of course doesn't solve it for all users. I could perhaps create /etc/wgetrc but this is a single user machine anyway.


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