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14-06-2012 11:00

SuSe Studio and ext4

I am loving susestudio to build custom versions of SuSe. The web interface is very easy to work with and gives you lots of ways to customise your own "distribution". One issue I have noticed is the disk image you get is an ext3 file system. Not that ext3 is all that bad, but why not ext4 which is mature now and offers performance advantages. Also the disk images is 1 big partition.

I resized the partition and seperated the root and home paritition and removed the swap partition. I then decided to convert the root partition to ext4. I followed these steps which worked well. I then edited the fstab to change the root from ext3 to ext4. I tried booting and although grub worked and the initrd seemed to get going, I had an error to the effect of unable to mount root volume as the file system has unsupported optional features (4.0). I figured the initrd didn't have ext4 support for some odd reason. I rebooted into a working OS and executed this:

mkdir a
mount /dev/sde1 a
mount -B /dev a/dev
mount -B /sys a/sys
mount -B /proc a/proc
chroot a/
vim /etc/sysconfig/kernel
[Added ext4 into the INITRD_MODULES variable]
mkinitrd -v -k vmlinuz-3.1.10-1.9-default -i initrd-3.1.10-1.9-default

Happy days. A booting susestudio system made from susestudio and on a root ext4 file system.

Credit goes to this post.

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